Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yahoo! once! more!

Yahoo! again!, this time with their India! Privacy! Policy!
  • Yahoo! will send personally identifiable information about you to other companies or people when:
    • We respond to requests from any Indian or foreign government, security, defence, revenue, regulatory or other authority, agency or officer;
    • We respond to subpoenas, court orders or legal process;
  • Scenario 1: Someone in the party in China decide to arrest me and torture me just for fun, and they say this post reveals I am an Indian spy, and wants Yahoo! to hand over my details
  • Scenario 2: Jayalalitha Jayaram gets pissed off and sends her thugs in khakhis after me. The police in the first state in India to solve a crime under the IT Act 2000 tells Yahoo! that I am plotting to do something wrong
  • Scenario 3: The Indian government decides all Tamils are terrorists because LTTE are Tamil and there are Tamils in India
  • Scenario 4: The honourable justices in the courts of law in India decide this is an obscene blog and decides to "silence" me
  • Scenario 5: PMK and DPI band up together again, and take offense against certain posts, and decide I outraged Tamil culture and coincidentally, the party in power in Tamil Nadu at that time concurs with them

If any of these 5 scenarios were to come true, then I am in deep shit.


Rising...... said...

Let's pray google doesnt do the same, considering the volume handled between the two,..

Emperor Joe said...

Yeah that sucks!