Thursday, January 12, 2006

Smells Fishy!

First restaurant of the year 2006: 'Something Fishy' in Chakala, Andheri East.
It looked like a very costly place, and it was. Since the company was paying for it, I did not think twice before entering it. The ambience was good, and the service was good too. Tiger prawns and crabs for appetiser; Rice, Prawns Curry, and Pomfret Curry for main course. I feel bad I couldn't eat more. I had ordered dinner for me at home, but I had forgot about it. Had I remembered, I would have been influenced by 'Sunk Cost Fallacy' and gone home instead. My absent mindedness saved me from this irrational behaviour.
It was an experience, eating with a Director, and 2 VPs; and coming to know people thought of me as an arrogant bastard. In reality, I am a very amiable dude.
Wherever I go, I see some sticks of bamboo planted in a pot, even my office has one. They say if that grows well, you will get more money. All the plants I saw are thick and tall! They correlate, but can't say if it is the cause for India's economic boom right now.


lil _kath said...

Hi Manoj^_^ smells fishy?hehe..i love the title and that bamboo stick in a pot, i remember my chinese friend coz they do that things!Hey are you from Tamilnadu? coz i have few friends from there,i heard its a nice place.I was surprised that you know the "oshin" tv series..thats cool.
Thanx for visiting my blog..


Rising...... said...

Osila kedaicha vidakkoodathu maamu... nadahu nadathu...

Anonymous said...

hey..thers a smethin fishy in b'lore as well. its got manglorean/kerala cuisine. n leaves a lot 2 be desired. smehw id really appreciate it if the chef cookd de chiken well! YUCK! Mebbe ill chk out de one ur tlkin bout whn i cme 2 bmby dis time...if i get time away frm me regulr haunts! btw realizin tht u stay in andheri.. isnt the traffic ther a killer?!!!!! wonder hw u commute 2 off.

been here b4!