Monday, January 09, 2006


Just another Moron . For people like these, secularism, communism, and atheism are synonumns - attacking Hindus, Hinduism, and anything remotelay related to Hinduism, and ignoring the wrongs of Muslims, Christians, and the British/Americans.
It wasn't Mao who said religion is the 'opium' of the masses (he did not even get the quote right).
Brinda didn't attack Ayurveda, but she attacked the use of bones in the medicines that guy prepared. I am not against that guy either - different people different strokes.
In his world, John Kerry attacking GWBush would mean Americans are not united and are betraying each other.


Emperor Joe said...

I just wish people could get along. I wish people would quit using religion as an excuse to hurt others. If they are using that excuse they are going against what their holy books are teaching them. I guess poeple just need something to fight about

Jeevan said...

I have blogrolled you.

Kumar Chetan said...

hi manoj,
Thanks for posting that link.
Science didnt make me athiest.
Its the relegion.
The more I see ppl supporting GOD the more I find myself Athiest.

Rising...... said...

I hate religions,
I love God..
People who think there are no God is also a Jam...