Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Third Eye

Hindi - Teesri Aankh.
Supposedly a crime thriller, based on the high number of porn CDs involving college girls and the media's 'sting operations'. The hero is Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sunny Deol, who is somehow involved with this and goes to England's Mumbai, London to completely wipe out this porn syndicate. He also saves the honour of many college girls back in Mumbai.
My roommate, who has very low tastes in movies, agrees with me when I say: people must be made to watch this movie for small crimes. He also wants a ban on releasing these kind of movies.
The only saving grace that got me my 40 bucks back was the large number of British strippers shown throughout the movie.
A reviewer on mid-day called it the Turd Eye. LOL


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emperorjoe said...

I love Porn. LOL