Monday, February 06, 2006


Why wasn't there any other incidents in India, about the whole cartoon controversy?. The shaithan in me wants to ask, are Indian Muslims not muslim enough?


Muslim said...

I really was upset about the cartoons. Why make such cartoons when they are infactual and false?

If people really read about the prophet peace be upon him they would realise he was a mercy to mankind.

Moreover, as Muslims we aren't allowed to draw pictures of Prophets, furthermore, we aren't meant to disrespect someone elses religion. We respect all prophets, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, so why not respect our dear Prophet?

Emperor Joe said...

It really upsets me what is going on. Im a Christian and it upsets me. I have alot of respect for Islam. Its sad that some people can't respect that fact that Muslims can't depect the prophet in any way. I dont' agree with the violence is not good either. I hope that all sides can resolve this peacefully.

KARY said...

:) I don't have anything big to say on this topic. It's a very sensitive one!