Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why me Lord?

It happened to me before, and it has happened again.
Earlier, it was gmail that generated a random naughty word, now it is the turn of hotmail to say something naughty.

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There was also this website which had a file named dennisexplains.pdf (dennis explains, something about his book) and that was blocked.

When I talk to the IT 'admin' (I may be using the world loosely here), he says no websites have been blocked and why I want to download them anyway. His machine is not routed through the proxy, so hecould download it for me. When he finds out that ebook had only 2 pages, he asks me why I want to download something which has only 2 pages. He proceeds to take a print out of the book and give it to me instead of just sending the electronic version to me. It was easier to type the whole thing than argue with him and get it sent to me.

One of my 'duties' is to go through the share market website and analyst websites for news about some companies, but I can't do it, because the brilliant people here decided to name the main index as sensex and that has a forbidden word in it.


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