Sunday, May 29, 2005


This saturday, I was supposed to visit a play Vagina Monologues, along with some b-school buddies. Vagina Monologues was banned at the last minute in my home town, Chennai, notorious for being conservative and backward. It was banned by the police commissioner himself, instead of doing what he was supposed to do - prevent crimes and protect the citizenry of Chennai. But, solving murders and thefts is not as important as stopping a play, because it has a dirty word in it.

Empty chairs and wealthy socialites were the only people watching that play, till Mallika Sherawat announced she would be appearing in it. The enlightened males of Mumbai, suddenly wanted to espouse the cause of women worldwide, and to catch a closeup of the bomb filled the stands, and we did not get a ticket. They wouldn't have known just some women went on stage to talk, contrary to what the title suggested. What a disappointment it must've been to those neouvo-feminists.

Saturday was shot, but Sunday was good. I attended this cool party in a place that thought it was the only club, or atleast the best club in the world, so christened itself 'The Club'.

Either pasta was the worst food made on earth (next only to Japanese food), or they made their pasta appear so. After two hours of ear-shattering cacaphony called club music, I had to endure their food. Then, people did not go to these clubs to eat.

One notice common among all clubs and parking lots in India would be the notice "parking at owner's risk." 'The Club' had three checkposts and dozens of guards before a car was parked, but still they had the notice - Parking at owner's risk. If a thief managed to steal the car beyond the three checkposts, the club still shirked its responsibility. Maybe it was to protect the club from the club's lorries and transport vehicles jumping to 50 kmph in that tight place. Anyway, found out that one of my seniors was staying in the building next to mine! So, we returned together at midnight, something the police in Chennai wouldn't have approved of. I was stopped atleast three times and made to give the breath test when I was in college after 10pm because the police on the high moral ground (and lurking in the shadows) thought they are protecting me from the 'other drunken drivers')

This morning, as soon as I stepped into the office, my boss berated me left and right for not completing my work, in front of all. That seemed to realistic in my 8 am dream, that made me rush to work hurriedly to find myself in a meeting.

I feel so sleepy, but I have places to go, people to see. Not really, I have a load of work to do by this evening. That reminds me, I have a load of clothes to wash this evening. Groan!


Govar said...

Hey, remember us? :) No visiting blogs these days eh?

The moment I read that play's name... I knew it would be icecream for a lot of our folks.

Srinath said...

Man, you seem to sound so anti-chennaii ! Talking about moral policing, I don't think Mumbai is any better in this aspect. I keep reading / seeing lots of stuff relating to police harassing couples in Mumbai. ( Doesn't mean that I support the pseudo-conservatism of Chennai people ).

Lumbergh-in-training said...

buddy Srinath, look closely. does it actually sound anti-Chennai? I am actually talking about those tiny minded people who say anything they don't agree with is against the 'culture of India', and they know what is good for me!