Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ringo Sucks

I don't know.

There is this Malayalee guy from Kuwait who has the same email address on gmail, except my id has a dot somewhere in between. He registered with Ringo to get friends with this gamil addy. Instead of he receiving any ringo emails/friend requests, I am receiving them. Getting his password was not a problem - just to set things correct. I see he has other email addies, but he chose to set it something that resembles mine. He seems to be pretty famous with the girls. Till a few months back, there was this girl named Pearl who were sending emails to me with a lot of questions - why are you not replying to me? don't you like me? are my emails boring? and other crap, even after I tell her that I am not the guy she thinks I am.

How do I tell this duffer to change his erroneous ways?


echa said...

well, have u ever told them you are not the guy they're thinking?

IMHO, the guy who claims to be you is probably jealous of what you have and who you are, unless if he doesn't know you.

Mike said...

I think ringo just sucks... its gay... hahaha and i will never make a damn account with them, THEY SUCK XD