Saturday, January 15, 2005

Pongalo pongal

A few days back, some Punjabi festival called Lohri was celebrated on the hill. People playing loud music, dancing around a bonfire, eating some sesame sweet, puffed rice (Pori), groundnuts and cashewnuts. Instead of putting pori inside their mouths, they were putting it inside the fire! A couple of days after was pongal, which was largely ignored. Never mind! The tam guys here went for a pongal feast (not me *sad face*). On account of pongal, a couple of us sat down to watch Padayappa, the ridiculous 'cult' movie. We was laughing ourselves off the chair athe dialogues, the logic (or the lack of it), the costumes of the 'Superstar', etc. One hindi guy seriously asked if this was a comedy movie! Atlast I found some people who were men enough to admit they found Rajnikanth ridiculous. There was this one little guy in school who punched, kicked, bit anyone who said anything remotely bad about his 'thalaivar' (leader).

This was cut off after dinner as we found one pig-headed guy sitting in the common room, alone, surfing idly through the channels and pausing occasionally to watch animals chasing each other passionately on Discovery channel. We were majorly pissed off.

There was also someone's birthday celebrated today. With many people not on the hill, his delicate hiney was saved (the crack of which he shows off quite often *aargh*). Not quite, there is this one guy who doesn't want to miss any birthday here. He is the first to kick someone or do something like that. You could see the fire in his eyes when he musters all his strength to rupture the birthday boy's back, nothing can stop him! He could kick a football to the moon with a kick like that. Birthdays are also celebrated by pouring water on the poor boy. They take care to pour only warm water. But not our guy here, he doesn't care if the temperature is freezing, he uses only ice cold water! Feel like calling him your boss?

With just over a month left here, the guys on the hill suddenly cut off our free access to the internet (free as in freedom), there is now a proxy server that filters all the information. So, no more movie/music downloads. The few guys who were downloading movies and porn 24x7 and slowing down the internet had spoiled it for everyone now.

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