Sunday, January 09, 2005

Googling Manoj

I googled for the term Manoj and I found it in position 178 .

What's interesting is the first 200 search results doesn't have anything about the most famous Manoj of our times, Manoj Night Shyamalan but has atleast 5 results per 50 for Manoj Bajpai (first result at 17). The first Manoj Prabhakar appears only at 67, and the next at 181. The geezer Manoj Kumar's first was at 18, one below the younger one.(This number widely varies depending on which position you start your search!)
In a related incident, search for Manojar yielded the 1st and 9th positions for this blog and my quasi-tech blog, Manotechnology, which I made just because I got 50MB of webspace.
In an unrelated incident, there was a slight titter when someone allegedly found a condom pack outside the hostel block (actually, the in the lawn in the centre). That someone showed a red and white (or red and/or black and white) box. It was around 1 am and could not clearly see what it was. Didn't go down to verify because it was very cold and is none of my god-damned business. No further comments!

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