Monday, November 22, 2004

USA Military Aid to Pakistan

Before and during the US Presidential Elections, all the right-wing buck futters all supported Bush saying that he is better for India than a democratic president. They said, a republican president will support only India and will put pressure on Pakistan to stop infiltration. That will never happen. Not only was Pakistan made its major non-NATO ally, it is now being rewarded with US$ 1.3 Billion including 8 P-3C Orion aeroplanes. They have also asked for 2000 TOW-2A missiles, and 6 Phalanx systems for their warships and they will definitely get it, along with the F16 jets pending. So, can we expect terrorism to increase in the Kashmir Valley? or will it be a big war?

Joshua Kucera wrote it all so well.

Bill Clinton (a democrat) only raised his eyebrows against pakistan during the Kargil War, but Richard Nixon (a republican) was ready to send the US 7th Fleet to help Pakistan during the 1971 war. Yeah, republicans always liked India.

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