Friday, November 26, 2004

This vacation is coming to a close. In 2 days it will be back to the grinding wheel. I also have to worry about my placements now.

I eat my words when I said earlier this vacation sucks. This is one of the best - nothing but eating and sleeping all day with browsing the internet all night. When you have the whole night left to yourself, you discover many things; I saw a blog (long discontinued) by someone from my Alma Mater (Anna University). Anyone know her? It was nice reading about assessments, Techofes,RCC, RCC annex, AVRC and stuff like coming late to class because some idiot is visiting Raj Bhavan and traffic gets held up.

Germans are top dogs of engineering, really, People make vehicles out of their (old?) cassette players and race them! They are not made by engineers, but mostly by ordinary people!! It is said that India has the largest engineering talent pool, but why don't we have something like this?

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