Thursday, November 11, 2004

India and Technology

You might have heared of chain letters, chain emails and chain faxes, even chain IMs. Have you heared of chain SMSs? I received one today! from this number 0044782563. Which country? Likely the UK going by 0044. It goes (in Hindi)

Lakshmi mataji ki kripa aap pe hamesha bani rahe, Msg ko 5 logo ko bhejiya aur paiye Lakshmiji ka vardaan. Na bhejne par bura ho sakta ha. Jai Lakshmi mata!

It means:

Let Mother Lakshmi's blessings always be upon you, send (this) message to 5 people and be blessed with her blessings. If you don't send bad things will happen. Ave Mother Lakshmi!

Is this what they call adaptation of a foreign technology to local conditions? Before email came to India, we used to receive (sometimes we still do) a lot of such post cards and photocopied letters after 'xerox' centres sprung up all over the place. When my school got a fax machine, the number got spammed by such faxes. I still get many emails in a week from some 'well-meaning' friends. Superstitious engineers, go figure! Now, this has started. Viva India, Viva Indians, Viva Indigenisation.

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