Thursday, November 11, 2004

Idli Vada Sambar

Last night the tam gang here went out for some real food - idli, vada, sambar etc etc. Wherever Tamils go, they all have this one restaurant named 'Woodlands', like the one on Cathedral Road. We all planned to start at 6.15 but some could leave only very late due to difficulty in arranging transport as this place is far away from humanity. If there is one thing I hate about this city, it is the roads (same all over India). More potholes than craters on the moon. I feel that whoever is riding a bike or driving it, should wear a cup. That is one reason why I prefer staying within the campus.

Yesterday was diwali eve, so there were a lot of fireworks shops lining the roads from here to there. We could see the Indian concept of synergy throughout - fireworks shops on both sides of the road, naked flame lamps before the shops, kids and adults alike playing with fireworks alongside. Miraculously there was no mishap.

Woodlands - we get some of the best dishes in that place - idlis like in hotels back home, thick coconut chutney, crispy vadas and dosas dipped in smooth sambar. One dish, cheese dosa, was amazing stuff! We all had our stomachs full. The road we took back was a smooth highway connecting one Taj with another. If the previous government did something good, it was laying some of the best roads this country has ever seen. The bike ride was like knife cutting through butter.

Since I hadn't slept in over 32 hours that day, I hit the sack within a few hours of coming back and did not wake up till a couple of hours ago when three or four IMs were waiting for me saying that Kanchi shankaracharya was arrested and a few more sending me the same link - Apparently, half of USA is sorry that Bush has been reelected and they would try to rectify the mistake in 2008. Let us hope that the world is still there in 2008. What I could see from this election was that USA wants only a Dick (Cheney) and a Bush (GWB ) coming together, not two Johns (Kerry and Edwards). How homophobic . More emails about Arafat being dead at 75. Now that he is dead, the Israelis would not have any more trouble taking care of those 'terrorists'.

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