Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Meat eating

Our ancestors climbed out of the trees because a new fast spreading plant was separating the trees. Grass. As the distance between the trees grew further and further, our ancestors spent more time on the ground. Began to walk on two legs. Had to seek out other sources of food. In addition to vegetation, they began to eat insects and small mammals. This protein packed meat, combined with the cunning needed to hunt prey, resulted in our ancestors brains evolving. Becoming more and more intelligent. Till they became the Homo Sapiens we are today. Scientific study even proves we crave the fat in meat. Our own brains will suffer a shrinkage when deprived of it. We owe everything we are, from once being tree dwelling primates to becoming highly intelligent industrial Homo Sapiens, to the consumption of meat. That's why I will remain true to my species as an Omnivore. I find it hilarious that a homo sapien owing it's current evolution to the consumption of meat arguing against it's consumption.

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