Thursday, October 30, 2014

Indian media still falling for hoaxes - are they this dumb?

It looks like the news outlets in India have forgotten what journalism used to be until the beginning of '90s, and are simply trawling internet forums for their next feel-good stories about India. Whatever happened to fact checking? Before internet, it used to be that, you can quote newspapers and people trusted what you said, not anymore!

These are just the latest hoaxes that have become "facts" for Indians in India to be proud about.

Ankit Fadia helps FBI - really? This looks more like verbal diarrhoea than a coherent article.

Scientist so patriotic, NASA made an exception for him!! This newspaper is so respected that Bhutan University gave this guy a job when he showed this newspaper.

This is in line with Indian kulcha of "prodly" claiming "v invanted zero"


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