Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rediff about a "Desi"

Rediff has an article about "Ramit Sethi," an American of Indian Origin, who has a written a finance self-help book. Supposedly a best seller, one part of his interview that caught my attention was
In general, we Americans are not very savvy about personal finance at all.

He goes on to say
There are reasons for that. The first thing we can blame is our education system. We are not taught about personal finance in schools, and even if we are, these are old boring classes with boring topics.
If that's what he has to say about American education, what will he say about Indian education, which is focussed only on memorizing whole paragraphs and vomiting it all over the answer paper?

Not even one word related to India, he has uttered in his interview, and this was published in "Indians Abroad" magazine!!

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