Sunday, September 07, 2008

Anu Shakti Indica-Americana's Open Letter

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I am just one day old, I am newly born Nuke Power in India by the NSG approval and Indo-US congress marital agreement. In just one day I felt so many critisism about my birth, even my legs has been stretched from both supporters and opponents. I am happy as I am the only child born by male mr. Singh, who was driven by female mrs Gandhi as well as NRI Mr Bush.

As some community and party like BJP and CPI-M are not happy with my birth because they all actually want to be guardian or parent of me.

Today, I am just small, if my parents (Singh & Gandhi) will allow me then in my young age I will only serve the people or party who had supported of my birth. Rest all opponent will not get any of my service. I think this would be the best punishment for them.

As here with my first letter I am warning all the party/people/individual, whoever is not happy with my birth, they will never get light from me.

Everybody are fighting and pulling others leg but none are thinking about my growth and usage. I know if I will be used by wrong hand then I can be a Bomb and I can even destroy entire world. Whether I will be terrorist Nuke-Bomb or your life by Nuke-Power, it all depends on you.


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