Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Wifi Hotspots in Chennai

Those searching for Wifi Hotspots in Chennai and landing on this page, if you know of/find any other place, please post that here.

Are there any wifi hotspots in chennai? Where i can go with my laptop and hangout?

I tried the one in Ascendas ITPC. But the guys there told me it's monday to friday only , though i got some decent connection for some time on saturday also. I had to buy some overpriced food to sit in their food court.

I heard there are hotspots in the Airport and Central station. Obviously, i can't go to the airport just for wifi. How about central?


sansmerci said...

some hot spots i kno r CCD, barista, chamiers in chamiers road, ashvita (i think) ..mocha shud also have i think ..

u can chek out for any hang-out in chennai .. i write/read reviews there regularly.. thought it ll b useful for u .. u can write there too :) u have a nice blog here .. keep writing

Adaengappa !! said...

Fix a WIFI at your home...browse at your leisure :-)

L Nitin Chordia said...

Siremull Hirachand Tyrestore (The Michelin Priority Partner in chennai) has started offering the service to its customers to start with. It is on greams road with good connectivity. I use my latop/Nokia phone wihout any problems while changing my tyres or getting my wheel alignment / balancing done!

Cilvin said...
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iThoughtz said...

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S.Vijay anand rocking said...

y u guys post some odd places, cud u pls say some places wer i cud get dem easily