Saturday, October 11, 2008

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Seen all day today on Indian TV Channels - Amitabh Bacchan not well, complains of tummy-ache, maybe indigestion? FTW!
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Some time last year - Amitabh Bacchan catches cold
some hindi news channel

Rahul Gandhi has Dal-Puri and Vegetables for breakfast during some campaign
Aaj tak hindi news channel

Cat climbs on a wall, refuses to come down for 6 hours!!
Aaj Tak hindi news channel

Police Commissioner's lost dog returns!!
Star News hindi news channel

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Anonymous said...

We die laughing at Star's "sansani khabar"

Some low tier politician falls through weak floorboards on a stage. They show it 6 million times and it is sansani news all day long.

Have a little journalistic integrity for God's sake.

Jeevan said...

give us some break!lol

jesica wilde said...

nice blog

jesica wilde said...

read म्यांमार और भारत दोनों ही एएसईएएन संगठन के सदस्य देश है, अतः एएसईएएन ट्रेड एग्रीमेंट के तहत म्यांमार से भारत को आयात होने वाली अरहर पर आयात शुल्क लागू नहीं होता,