Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Developments, developments

It was coincidence, reading about Indians getting outsourced - one in Economic Times, and another in Dilbert! RBI employees are now demaning their jobs not be outsourced. Irony?
RBI employees demand barring outsourcing of services

Who is this new Sandeep coming in? Will he be as naive as Asok? Would he be an IITian too?

Ah! The irony of everything!

Someone on the net told this
Most of the time Asok is treated like dirt by the pointy haired guy. so much for "indians arriving on the global stage"
I am not being anti-IITian, or jealous of IITs, obviously!

A lot of developments in the office in the last 2 months. I am dazed by everything that happened, and the speed in which it all happened.

Now, it has started raining in Mumbai, very nice. A year back, I had no worry about getting soaked in the rain while coming to office. Now, I have to worry about both coming dry to the office, and coming in on time!

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can u deliver your entire feed thru RSS? right now I am getting only the first few lines.