Sunday, March 26, 2006

Freaky Weekend!

This weekend started pretty normally, with me going home early on Friday evening, to this movie called "Being Cyrus." It was an Indian-made English movie, about a bunch pf Parsees. I think I was the only non-Parsee in the whole theatre. It was a nice movie. The next day was fine, too. I slept in till 3 pm, woke up at 5 pm, and went for breakfast, lunch, and dinner combo at 7 pm. I simply love days like these. The next day, I decided to go watch a Tamil movie in Matunga. The place was Aurora theatre in King's Circle, and the movie was "Kovai Brothers." I could say without thinking (also after thinking for a long time) that this is one of the worst movies ever made, but still better than most Tamil movies. I regret to say this, but the 'jokes' were funny in parts, and Nameetha was every Tamil guy's dream girl - fair, short and chubby. Later in the evening, I and my room mate decided to go to a bar. We had heared that the earlier 'dance bars' were convereted into live-band bars; so we decided to see what it had to offer. The bar we decided to go was 'Blue Eye' on New Link Road, Andheri West. The place was kept very dark, and the waiters were very friendly. They all wanted to shake hands as soon as we entered. There was no live band, but unlike other bars, this had many women. I thought there was some party or something. The bar didn't have a menu, they had only beer, whiskey, and vodka; and no mocktails. As soon as we ordered, we two were accosted by a pair of girls o-O then another pair. The waiter tells us that they are 'professinal entertainers,' they will sit and chat, timepass, will 'play with us' and we can take them out O-o. Bloody hell! Mumbai version of some very friendly people! We just gulped our drinks and ran out as fast as we can. After we came out, we could not stop laughing our arses off for a very long time, we didn't know why!


Govar said...

Oh! great. Nice I read abt Kovai brothers... will the all free time arouund, I just would've entered a theatre.

ANyway, this is proof that I've (re)starteed to visit ur blog. Added RSS... welcome me into the civilized world again. :-P

Jeevan said...

Hope u enjoyed the Weekend:) i think in Kovai Brothers the Cricket attch will be funny and comedy.

Vasanth said...


I was reading Digital Fortress some time back, the club experience and the professional entertainer you had narrated here reminds me of that again.

lil _kath said...

..haha scared by the entertainers?^_^ hmm..i can imagine you and your friend running out hehe.
..well,that's a good experienced for you both^_~
..neenga eppadi irukenga?not hearing from you lately yaar?hope you're doin' fine.
..vanakkam Manoj!


kicha said...

nice that you have watched kovai brothers. these movies should not be watched in CDs also.. waste of time and energy. and nametha spoils the mood.

Lumbergh-in-Training said...

Thank you bros and sista'
Does the post you commented about tell who you _really_ are? :p
Govar, welcome back to the net world (which is not civilized by the wat :D ) and tell me, what you gonna do now?
Kicha, I thought you would've read about the gals but as a true geek, you chose to ignore it... and badmouth Namitha? No more girls for you...
Vasanth, by relating it to Dan Brown's novel, you absolved yourself of your crimes ;-)
Jeevan, thanks buddy :)
Kathy, thanks for that "female perspective" we lacked :D

Poppy Cede said...

L-i-T, that's weird. Come back and visit me, I miss you.

arjun said...

you just had whiff of what Mumbaiites call "Service Bar" You get hand jobs, and blow jobs out there!! hahahahha..