Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sony India

There have been huge outcry against some Sony software. Even Indian newspapers talk about this rootkit - how evil it is and how 'eminent people' are fighting for consumers' rights. Everybody is happy that there are many court cases against Sony. But, all these desi reporters seem to ignore one basic fact - the consumers everybody is talking about are North Americans and maybe Europeans and these 'lawsuits' will help only them. What about the tens of thousands of Indians who bought ridiculously high priced CDs? Laws in India are changed to conform to American and European practices, only because under the threat of stopping outsourcing, not for helping Indian citizens. Even the 'IT Act of 2000' is seemingly upgraded to help all those celebrities and politicians, not the common man, even if he is one of the new millionaires. Isn't globalisation a bitch?

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