Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tigers at home, Mouses outside!

Aargh! They shouted, they kicked, screamed, kicked up dust, spat in anger. All because their favourite hero was dropped from the one-day series.
"India is doomed! Greg Chappel is an idiot, a racist."
"This is why I don't watch cricket no more."
"Sri Lanka is a powerful team and we need the best to win against them!"
"Rahul Dravid is a traitor for siding with the white coach," Dasgupta Moshai screams into the TV camera.
"If you were a true Indian, you would want Ganguly back into the team," writes Shurojit Babu.

India beats Sri Lanka by over 150 runs in the 1st match, by 8 wickets after containing SL to a mere 122, and had a record broken in the third match. They sealed the series - after a very long time. The team was rotated to give youngsters a chance.
"Why in the name of Kali was a winning team changed? Now we will surely lose. Who gave Greg the right to rotate the team?"

Sure enough, we lost a match. "We can't experiment now, we have the wonderful Ranji Trophy to 'develop talent.' We need to win all the 7 matches, our national pride is at stake!", said the 'cricket-loving Indian,' while his 10 year old domestic help was playing with his infant son.

India were on a roll again, after crippling Sri Lanka to less than 200, and winned in under 35 overs. India finished off the series in style, with Dhoni scoring one of the highest scores in ODIs. Now they are celebrating. Sania who?

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Rising...... said...

Dude.. I am a Ganguly supporter, I wouldnt say India wil be doomed if hes not there, but then sacking him is like throwing a CEO of company after he lead it to stardom. Ever read the 'biography of Iococcoa'? he was sacked from Ford company and joined and made chrystler the best. Read if u can get hands on it.. same deal with our dada