Monday, November 21, 2005

Priorities, people

There are critical issues facing India:

While there might be a famine in 20 years, the rightwing wanker wants to do away with family planning

There are no more pressing issues than attacking women for saying something they shouldn't have

While the police is , doing something against corruption politicians want to save their own dirty arse

When a crime fighting indie journalist says, Indian media is not too bright no-one else carries it

While a US Government report praises India for religious tolerance somethings in India tell otherwise
Biased Buildings
Biased Buildings 2
No mass for mixed marriages
A female tennis player's attire is "unislamic"
Atheists are idiots
Thai Princess and a White woman denied entry into temples.


Anonymous said...

Hey Manoj. Padhu here da. eppdi irukka. howz work.

used to read ur blogs once in a while, but this is too tempting to comment.

1. you complain when right wing people try to do away with family planning. they just try to increase their number. but whats your comment about activities in neighboring countries, where they decrease the population of other religions by killing the minorities.

2. Religious tolerance: Be honest. when you compare a bunch of random countries like India, Pakistan, Arab countries, Israel, Australia, UK, US, etc, do you really think India does not have religious tolerance?

take it easy da ;-)

Lumbergh-in-training said...

1) That is not a valid arguement. Your 'religious leaders' are actually promoting defiance of the land of the law. Becoming an outlaw - is that what you want to become? Also don't compare this with Gandhi's non-obedience movement.
2) Religious tolerance is not relative to another country.

BTW, why do you have to compare these with other countries? Don't think India will be a better country if others are worse than you?

Anonymous said...

First one should look at himself before getting on his country, and I dont think a coward who has gone out of his country, scared if he could get money or live life well by living in his motherland, can in anyway have rights to speak about India, the best of all nations.