Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chennai Trip

I was planning to go home for the deepavali vacations, half-heartedly. Stalled till the last few days to get air-tickets for cheap. Unfortunately, every body else has the same idea. The only solace was that some flights to Madras Airport were cancelled/diverted due to the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal. Had I gone, I would have definitely brought my beloved computer with my huge music collection here. Well, it can wait a few more months!

Also, today I downloaded Rammstein's Rosenrot (full album). I am very happy!

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Rising...... said...

half-heartedly plan to go tohome for Diwali? C'mon man, I'd be psyched and would book ticket well in advance.. why were u hapf-hearted? dont u celebrate?
I am hearing Rammstein's Scheinshust and Mutter, great ones and also the new one by megadeth, 'The system has failed' wow......