Monday, September 05, 2005


1) Atlast I got some substantial work, something which people might notice.
2) Saw Mystic River and Addicted to Love on CD
3) My flatmate is leaving in a couple of weeks. He flatters me by saying I was the only friend he had in this city, and he spooks me out by saying some 'secrets', like he kissed a guy before and that was his best!! I am now afraid to sleep with the door open.


Anonymous said...

Hi, please forgive my butting in but you might want to change your background as it is realy making reading your blog difficult. Best of luck to you. R

Jeevan said...

good friend haha

Change u r background pls.

sarah the great and wise said...

That would totally weird me out.

Jeevan said...

you have been tagged see my blog