Sunday, August 07, 2005

Guns! Guns!! Guns!!!

I feel like I have been shopping a lot lately. Just yesterday, I went to Vile Parle to buy a book, instead, I went to Irla. I saw all the shops had some monsoon sale! I bought a lot of shirts and this:
A 1:1 model M37 airgun :)
Too bad I can't buy a real gun in this country :(. I would like to lay my hands on this one.

And this is what I dream about:

My round plastics BB can pass through four sheets of paper and tear a fifth sheet.


sarah the great and wise said...

I had a BB gun as a child. It got taken away because I shot my brother in a dreadfully –um—sensitive area (It was an accident, I swear).

KARY said...

Great ones. I still have my childhood gun with me. Its a water gun :) but can hold close to 500ML of water. Huge fellow! I still remember those lovely days with that gun.

Lumbergh-in-training said...

whoa Sarah! It hurts me just to read about that.
I too had some waterguns, but there never was any water in Chennai to waste :(