Friday, July 08, 2005


I was playing nethack late evening when three people saw me - one 'developer' dude and my boss and a 'systems' guy. I evaded the dev dude by saying that I was a network in it and I was pushing packets around. I couldn't say the same to my boss. I just said that was something my friend sent me and I was trying to figure out what it was. The third guy, who was a linux admin or something did not know what this was! How could they be computer engineers without knowing what it was? But then, most 'engineers' in India have no relevance to what they studied and their career. There are many guys here who 'studied' civil and mechanical engineering but wanted to get into only 'software field,' because 'companies like Infosys pay very well.' Anyway, some of my classmates are planning to go 'trekking' to Matheran and I am planning to go along. I don't want to miss it like last time when they went (sort of) rock climbing. Yeah.


Anonymous Kary said...

Manoj, guys are too smart enough nowadays to get into bigger companies after completing their civil Engineering etc. I am sure Infosys is not going to hire them without any potential. I personally feel a UG or PG in the relevant line can add only very little value. I have seen lot of Electronics and Communication Engineers into programming. Its purely got to do with openings available in that line. All that the person needs is the spark to learn new things. I think we should not blame the guys man they get into Infosys not only for the pay but also for the JOB factor. That's my two cent. Hope u agree with me. Feel freet to write ur views also...BTW, have a great trek...

July 09, 2005 7:21 AM  

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