Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend in South Bombay

Wooh, wasn't that a weekend!

This guy, who used to work with greenpeace, is in town working - as he says, spamming. We decided to meet up before his assignment here ends. We went to Sterling Theatre to see 'The Ring 2,' which I personally found very boring. My friend says I should have watched the first part to understand this. Not only were the twists so predictable, they could've made the scary little girl more scary. With the peace in the movie constantly interrupted by the non-stop chattering of a bunch of boys and girls sitting before us, many 'enthusiasts' also 'forgot' to switch off their mobile phones, which were constantly ringing. Another annoyance was the high price of the snacks in the movie hall. Popcorn in a small cup cost Rs 25, and tea in a tiny cup was Rs 10! I get more tea than that outside for Rs 3!!

With this 'very scary' movie over in less than 2 hours, we decided to go to another movie hall nearby, Eros. I thought all the platform book stalls were removed by the corporation, but I saw some shops and decided it was better to spend the money on books. I got 3 books for Rs 20 each, and greenpeace dude got a couple of science fiction books for almost Rs 100 each. Sci-fi books are so scarce in this 'great city of learned people,' where I can't find any libraries, that a 40 year old book has to be bought second-hand for Rs 150! I was so enraged by this daylight robbery that we decided to give ourselves a discount - 100% :x Just one book though, which turned out to be some victorian erotica. I gave the book to greenpeace dude.



Govar said...

Aaah. I've watched ring one and still opted to give ring two a miss coz of its bad rating. was waiting ffor someone to see. not disappointed now. :)

Nirmal Kumar said...

mams, it's because people like you come from the IIMs and overcharge your employers who consequently overcharge their customers who consequently...and so on...that it finally ends up full circle and the movie halls overcharge you. In the whole deal who ends up cheated is the common man(who is NOT you, at least salary-wise) who has to pay the same rates to watch a movie with the likes of you. so pay up your 10 Rs. and please don't complain.