Wednesday, February 09, 2005

waterfight 2

Fort St. George in the 'Lost World' was breached today, twice! The first attack started fifteen minutes back, when two members of the playboy committee launched a devious strike against garrison commander the Brave Sir Robin. He quickly joined the invading forces to attack the Shah of Mumbai, in another devious attack.

The second attack started with a large posse of junior hillbillies armed heavily with water buckets invaded the 'The Lost World' and started knocking down the doors of the senior hillbillies amidst chantings of 'PGP2 HAI HAI'. Sir Robin, commando in a warm pair of shorts, quickly went down in a brave fight.

The war shows no signs of letting up as the overcharged mob is hunting for every man left out in 'The Lost World'. Hysterical cries, much like of hyenas laughing, could be heared outside. The place resembles a war zone, with water flowing out of every pipe and outlet.

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