Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Saala Madrasi

My father is a great motivator, just talk to him for a few hours and he will give the worst case scenario possible that you would wanna pick up yourself, and run as far away as possible from the life he just described would happen. Not bad in itself, but let him bring in a couple of high placed friends to reinforce his beliefs. Just today, he took me for a covert counselling session with a Joint Director in a government office. That lady gave me the worst possible cases on why I should not have a girlfriend at very impressionable young age of 25. If you come here, you will understand that the whole of South India is like my father and my relatives, maybe except for Bangalore. Now, I am not searching for a girlfriend, but still they assume I am 'weak' and 'some attraction' will be there. Every little paper and TV prog that comes in to my home is closely scrutinised for any trace of a girl. My mom left her hair band in my bag which I took to my hostel, and brought it back. My father was curious about to whom that belongs to. When he sent me to insti, he was disappointed to note that there are hostel blocks shared by both 'boys' and 'girls' and 'girls' can visit the 'boys' in their rooms. What a surprise!

As a guy who wants a small government, I am surprised at the human resource capital my family has contributed to the government. Looks like my great-great-great grandfather and his cousins went hyperactive and incorporated the British government office gene in their progeny.

Next, Chennai with CAS sucks big time both GWBush and his father. Coupled with the fact my dad would not let my buy a set-top box, someone call the wah-mbulance. He wants me to watch some old ladies crying a river on some soaps shown here. Couple with the India-Pakistan cricket series coming up, well, understand my frustration. My friends just outside of Chennai taunt me much with this tiny little thing called CAS (or the lack of it). The first presentation I made my insti was in praising CAS and this is the rewards I get. I just want to create a time machine, go back 2 years in time and wring the puny little necks of Sushma 'Sucks' Swaraj or Pramod 'Miserable' Mahajan whoever was the I&B Minister at that time and brought the curse called CAS to Chennai. I am now waiting eagerly for my comp to be delivered and more sad stories from Chennai to follow shortly, after a couple of days.


Ponniyinselvan said...

"there are hostel blocks shared by both 'boys' and 'girls' and 'girls' can visit the 'boys' in their rooms." Boy! we have come a long way.. This might still not be possible in TN, even if an IIM is started in Chennai.

sarah the great and wise said...
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Govar said...

Excuse me? Did u just say that the whole of South India is like sth (xcept for Bangalore)? Boy! You can't get away with something like that.

Pls speak for yourself and not for the whole of South Indians. :) U know what i mean.